Handmade Belts and Accessories

Asura: a unique company


Asura is a registered fashion small business located in Ottawa, Canada specializing in premium hand-made bicycle tread belts and wrist band accessories for a wide variety of dress occasions.


Asura is proud to offer you a line of stylish belts and accessories while taking great care to ensure your complete satisfaction with its products.   For your wearing pleasure, every belt and wrist band design you choose to wear has been carefully cut and assembled, only by hand.   This provides each product its own caring and uniqueness.


Asura’s wide selection of brand new materials and colors provide you with a variety of exciting options to choose from!  When you wear an Asura product you can be proudly assured it is ‘animal cruelty’-free, fashionable, unisex, waterproof, durable, and suitable for all of your dressing occasions.  Whether you are an extreme sports or regular athlete or fan, an animal lover, a trendy or traditional individual, a construction worker, nature enthusiast... the versatility of our products allow us to easily accommodate your individual tastes and wants.


Asura’s streamlined ordering process allows you to easily select and purchase your orders.  Belts and accessories for sale on the Asura webpage can be purchased specifically by stock # to be delivered to you, anywhere in the world, with internet connectivity.  Alternatively, you can also request for a custom order; where you can order your choice of a specific size, colour, and/or buckle type.



Contact us: order@asura.ca